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Hi! I'm Danielle Avery, the owner and sole photographer of Avery Photography. The most appropriate words I can think of to describe my personality are sweet and bubbly! Hehe. I love meeting new people and spending as much time as possible with my sweet baby girl!

To me, an image is a moment in time... a memory captured that can be cherished for a lifetime! I strive to capture those fun, sweet, romantic, emotional moments. I believe that emotion is an incredibly important part of us as human beings. A few synonyms of the word emotion are heart, mind, soul, spirit, being. I think that capturing emotion, love, affection, and happiness (sometimes happy tears too... :) in a in a single moment and turning it into an image that you can look at and reflect on forever is the most important part of being a photographer! I strive to capture real emotions, and real life in every photograph! I like to define my style as timeless, fun and vibrant! I want to create a truly beautiful and enjoyable experience for each and every client who steps in front of my camera! Thank you for stopping by my page, I hope that I get the opportunity to work with you!